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  • Christmas Light

    Advent draws to a close and for the people of God the time of expectation and preparation has been fulfilled. Indeed, for us time itself has been brought to that “One Still Point” in all of history – that point of divine love made flesh and dwelling with us.

  • From Our National President

    From Our National President

    Light looked down and beheld darkness.“Thither will I go,” said LightPeace looked down and beheld war.“Thither will I go,” said PeaceLove looked down and beheld Hatred.“Thither will I go,” said LoveSo came Light, and shoneSo came Peace and gave rest.So came Love and brought LifeAnd the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us. Dear…

  • Greetings from The Rt. Rev. Philip, the National Chaplain

    Greetings from The Rt. Rev. Philip, the National Chaplain

    “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace!” (Luke 2:14) Beloved in Christ, In the Christmas Season, we find ourselves pulled in many different directions by the world, by our families and by ourselves. The world pulls at us, as it seems to engage in political controversy, social upheavals and economic disasters. Our…

  • Christmas 2019

    Christmas 2019

    Dear Sisters in Christ, Soon we will leave the Season of Advent preparation and begin the joy of celebrating the Christmas Season, the time of our Savior Jesus’ birth.  For us we gather as we are able to hear and tell the story of the birth of God’s Son.  He came into the world being…

  • Christmas Message to The Episcopal Community 2018

    Christmas Message to The Episcopal Community 2018

    Beloved in Christ, I send each of you in the Episcopal Community greetings and my prayers for a blessed Christmas Season.  As Christians we gather on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus who was born in a stable because there was no room in the Inn.  As disciples of Jesus we take time during…