Greetings from The Rt. Rev. Philip, the National Chaplain

“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace!”

(Luke 2:14)

Beloved in Christ,

In the Christmas Season, we find ourselves pulled in many different directions by the world, by our families and by ourselves. The world pulls at us, as it seems to engage in political controversy, social upheavals and economic disasters. Our families pull at us as they make demands upon us for our time, for our support and for their well being. And we pull at ourselves as we seek to grow and fulfill ourselves and utilize our own potentials.

Into this mix comes “The Holidays” and for us Christians, it is both Christmas and New Years. It is in the midst of all the activities and chaotic “pulls” that the Christmas Event proclaims God’s dramatic glory- a glory of calm in the simplicity of the Birth of a Child born to be King of the world. It is the “Word of God made Flesh dwelling among us”.

As Christians we look for opportunities to be enriched by God’s Grace in Christ Jesus. Through His birth we seek to increase our own effective witness as we reach out to others in the Name of the Christ Child. This season, this time, this Christmas leaves us all in search of the Glory of God as we seek to serve in His name. We are guided by that star which shines within our hearts.

              “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace!”

As we come into this Holy Christmas, I wish you a most blessed Christmas and this New Year 2022 filled with God’s peace.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Duncan