Easter Message from Bishop Duncan


Dear Sisters in Christ,

Central to our faith is that “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again!” In the early Church it was dangerous to be a follower of Jesus. Christians were often persecuted, enslaved and executed for sport and amusement. That the faith survived is testament to those who believed and risked everything that we could ever imagine.

We give thanks for those who, nevertheless, witnessed to their faith and preached the Gospel that we now are called to share. These were the Saints known to us and also those unknown. We need to ask ourselves what is our (my) calling? And this is not about proselytizing. It is about relationships and including, inviting, listening, valuing, respecting, being genuine and authentic.

Easter is about those relationships, and newness and fullness of life in Jesus Christ. May God bless us as we continue to grow in His grace.

I am faithfully,

+Bishop Duncan