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  • Christmas Light

    Advent draws to a close and for the people of God the time of expectation and preparation has been fulfilled. Indeed, for us time itself has been brought to that “One Still Point” in all of history – that point of divine love made flesh and dwelling with us.

  • Discerning Hearts April 2023

    Discerning Hearts April 2023
  • Discerning Hearts March 2023

    Discerning Hearts March 2023
  • Discerning Hearts December 2022

    Discerning Hearts December 2022
  • Greetings from The Rt. Rev. Philip, the National Chaplain

    Greetings from The Rt. Rev. Philip, the National Chaplain

    “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace!” (Luke 2:14) Beloved in Christ, In the Christmas Season, we find ourselves pulled in many different directions by the world, by our families and by ourselves. The world pulls at us, as it seems to engage in political controversy, social upheavals and economic disasters. Our…

  • Pentecost 20201 Bishop Duncan

    Pentecost 20201 Bishop Duncan

    Dear Sisters in Christ, The Season of Pentecost is upon us. It is the “long season” in the Church’s year and will last until the 4 weeks of the Advent Season preceding Christmas. At one time this season was referred to as the Trinity Season. Pentecost references the Holy Spirit coming down upon the Apostles…

  • Easter Message from Bishop Duncan

    Easter Message from Bishop Duncan

    “ALLELUIA!” “CHRIST IS RISEN!” “THE LORD IS RISEN INDEED!” “ALLELUIA!” Dear Sisters in Christ, Central to our faith is that “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again!” In the early Church it was dangerous to be a follower of Jesus. Christians were often persecuted, enslaved and executed for sport and amusement. That…

  • Lenten Message from Bishop Duncan

    Lenten Message from Bishop Duncan

    The 40 Days of Lent     Dear Sisters in Christ,        We are about to enter the Season of Lent. We prepare not only for Holy Week and the Easter celebration, but also for deepening our personal spirituality. I have over many years observed this time with prayer, fasting and good works in their many…

  • Epiphany 2021

    Epiphany 2021

    Dear Sisters in Christ, During this Pandemic I “feel” that time is moving very quickly which is odd; I would have thought I would be experiencing time dragging out and painfully slow. It seem to me that even with time on my hands it is moving rapidly. In an interesting way time to just sit…

  • Bishop Duncan’s Christmas Letter

    Bishop Duncan’s Christmas Letter

    From The Rt. Rev. Philip Duncan, National Chaplain December 25, 2020 Each year I prepare for Christmas, and each year I try to think back to the Advents before in hoping to make my process more complete and fruitful in the getting ready. Soon that preparation will be in the past, and Christmas will be here,…