The Great 50 Days of Easter – A Lectionary 2016


ACTS 9: 36-43

Peter’s words of healing are a lesson for us on how we are to live out our lives as followers of Jesus.

Question: Have you accepted the equipping for ministry that Jesus gives you? What is your source of power and how do you receive it?



This lesson gives us the blessed assurance of God’s and Jesus’s continuing loving care of those who love and serve Him.

Question: Do you see this ongoing covenant that Jesus promises to live with those who follow Him? What do you need to be assured of His loving care each day?


JOHN 10: 22-30

Notice in this lesson that the people cannot recognize what had been prophesied, about how the Messiah would live. People are unable to connect the miracles Jesus did to the life the Messiah would live.

Question: Do you see and believe the miracles that are still done today in the names of Jesus? Have you ever experienced a miracle from your prayer?


ACTS 9: 1- 6

Paul, Rabbi, Jewish scholar and community leader is challenged by the powerful commitment that Jesus’ followers have to continue His ministry.

Question: Do you hear Jesus call you to that same commitment to work for Him? What do you do each day to do your part to work for Jesus and mankind?


The angels sing of the gifts Jesus received for His obedience unto death: power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessings, to the ends of the earth.

Question: Our need to die to self and to rise to serve our Lord brings us many gifts. Are you able to live each day in that light? What must you give up to accomplish that life?

JOHN 21: 1-19

The resurrected Jesus again proves who He is, in simple everyday ways. Jesus asks his followers then, as he continues to today, “Do you love me enough to carry on my work?”

Question: Are you willing to give up your life to carry on what Jesus left for you to do.? You will accomplish this how?



ACTS 5: 27-32

Jesus’ followers react to God’s instructions for them, as they dare to break the rules to do God’s work.

Question: Is your faith deep enough and strong enough to bet your life on it? If not what must you do to correct it?



The resurrection of Jesus proved to John that Jesus has not only a personal, but an experiential relationship with God, and now is fully empowered to do God’s work, even and including miracles.

Question: How would your life be different if God empowered you in that way? What would you do with that power?


JOHN 20: 19-31

Hear John’s explanation of the commission by Jesus, given to every Christian at their baptism to empower them to carry on the ministry of Jesus.

Question: Do you understand that at baptism and confirmation you received this same empowerment as Jesus to carry on His ministry? How are you living into this commitment?

Easter Sunday 2016


Easter 2016We exult in your love,
O God of the living,
for you made the tomb of death
the womb from which you bring forth your Son,
the first-born of a new creation,
and you anointed the universe
with the fragrant Spirit of his resurrection.
Make us joyful witnesses to this good news,
that all humanity may one day
gather at the feast of new life
in the kingdom where you reign
for ever and ever. Amen.