The End of a Season and We are in Another Lent

I think of the beginning of Lent not so much as welcoming a time of introspection, study, and prayer—hopefully leading to personal growth and service to and with others—but more a saying “Goodbye” to a time of celebration within the Epiphany Season.  I like Epiphany.  It seems to appeal to my sensitivity of enjoying being with others, often with food and libation.  It reminds me that the Star is not just about giving light to shine on the path before us, but also to show us where the path is and to where we are headed.  The way and the destination are part of the Epiphany character and essence.  Lent for me becomes very much centered in my interior life and what I need to do or should not do to strengthen my relationship with and in Christ.  It is an important way forward, this time of reflection and looking inward, so that I may meaningfully move outward.  What I do and what I don’t do says something to me and perhaps to others on both the conscious and unconscious levels.  So for the next Forty Days, I will be on the Journey which I pray in the End is leading me into the fullness of The Kingdom of God: Easter!