Lent 2020

Greetings Sisters in Christ,

We are approaching another Lent which begins on February 26. Lent is such a conflicted time for me. Growing up Catholic, we always “Gave Up” something for that period of time. It wasn’t really a learning experience as much as a “have to” experience.

These days you can still give something up – chocolate, or whatever your favorite thing is; also people are giving up behaviors that no longer suit them. There is giving away 40 items for the 40 days of Lent – decluttering if you will. Some people take on things….practicing more kindness, compassion, volunteering, etc.

Whatever it is that speaks to you this Lent, do it with love, conviction and happiness. Yes happiness. Although Lent is a time of solemn reflection, I don’t believe God wants us to go around literally in ‘sack cloth and ashes’. I believe anything we choose to do during Lent as a practice should be done because of our love and thankfulness for the fact that Jesus died for us and our belief in the Trinity.

As a Community we are using the Lenten Meditations for 2020 from Episcopal Relief & Development. You may want to use this to help you in your Lenten journey. Whatever you decide to do for your Lenten practice, I wish you a rich experience that you will benefit from long after Lent ends.

Chris Butterworth
National Treasurer
Spiritual Formation Chair