Fall Book Study & Discussion

August 26, 2019

Dear Sisters,

St. Benedict taught that Christ is as near as our neighbor. If we can not love the Christ we can see next to us, how can we love the Christ we can not see? Living in Community thus becomes “a school for the Lord’s service” (Prologue 45). Part of building that community of love is the common worship and prayer—the Opus Dei.

As we approach our tenth year as a community, I invite you to join us in a common daily devotional reading of The Rule of Benedict. Benedict recommended that each new monk read The Rule three times before taking final vows. Joan Chittister has divided The Rule into small segments for daily reading that lead the reader through The Rule three times in one year (beginning September 1, January 2, and May 2). Each short daily reading is followed by an insightful commentary that reflects on how The Rule speaks to our lives in today’s world.

The book was originally published with the title The Rule of Benedict: Insights for the Ages, but was later republished with the title The Rule of Benedict: A Spirituality for the 21st Century. You may find the older title on your bookshelf or in a used book store. The newer title is available through Amazon or other sellers.

Click here to order the book from Amazon.

We will offer a forum for discussion through Facebook, Constant Contact, and/or telephone/video conference during the coming months. Please join us!

In Christ’s love,

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