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  • Discerning Hearts March 2024

    Discerning Hearts March 2024
  • Palm Sunday – Year C

    Palm Sunday – Year C

    ISAIAH 50: 4-9The prophet receives his assignment from God every morning, which he dutifully teaches to God’s people. Question: What have God’s prophets taught you? Are you willing to trust them? PHILIPPIANS 2: 5-11 Paul calls us to a life of humility in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Question: Have you committed yourself…

  • 5th Sunday in Lent Year C

    5th Sunday in Lent Year C

    Isaiah 43:16-21“Trust in God brings the past alive, gives the present meaning, and the future hope.” Question: Do we really want our faith to be so mundane as to be entirely predictable? Or do we want our God to do surprising things, things that we couldn’t even begin to imagine, things that ‘no eye has…

  • 4th Sunday in Lent – Year C

    4th Sunday in Lent – Year C

    JOSHUA 5: 9-12A story of forgiveness and restoration for God’s people. Question: Has there been a time in your life when God has withheld something from your daily life? How did you feel when it was restored? 2 CORINTHIANS 5: 16-21 Paul’s is concerned that the people he has come to teach believe that his…

  • 3rd Sunday in Lent – Year C

    3rd Sunday in Lent – Year C

    EXODUS 3: 1-25God intervenes in Moses life, giving him a task that will test his faith and love of God.Question: Has God ever asked the seemingly impossible of you, to test your faith in Him? How did you respond? 1 Corinthians 10: 1-13 Paul teaches from experience the importance of understanding and using our knowledge…

  • 2nd Sunday in Lent – Year C

    2nd Sunday in Lent – Year C

    GENESIS 15: 1-12, 17-18 In spite of the visions God shared with Moses and Moses’ experience of faith in God’s promises, Moses is skeptical. Question: Have you ever felt like Moses? How did you overcome it? PHILLIPIANS 3: 17-4:1 Paul holds before us an ideal of how the Christian is to embrace his Christian life.…

  • 1st Sunday of Lent – Year C

    1st Sunday of Lent – Year C

    DEUTERONOMY 26: 1-11Our response to the generosity of God’s gifts is taught in this lesson.Question: Do you freely give back to God from his gifts to you in ministry? What is it you do? ROMANS 10: 8-13Paul shares the theology from which the first Christian creeds were established. To know Jesus the Christ in a…