Pentecost 20201 Bishop Duncan

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Pentecost 20201 Bishop Duncan

Dear Sisters in Christ,

The Season of Pentecost is upon us. It is the “long season” in the Church’s year and will last until the 4 weeks of the Advent Season preceding Christmas. At one time this season was referred to as the Trinity Season.

Pentecost references the Holy Spirit coming down upon the Apostles and their empowerment as Disciples to preach and teach the Gospel of the Risen Lord Jesus to all people “…even to the ends of the earth!”

The Gospel challenges all of us to not only proclaim the Gospel but also to live it out in our lives. How might we share, invite, visit, include others in our lives to make a difference in their lives (yes) and ours as well? How do we change, grow and increase authentic relationships which allow us to grow into the people we are called to be in the Body of Christ, the Community, the Church?

This Pentecost may we be filled with God’s Grace that we may proclaim God’s glory.


+ Bishop Duncan

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