Pentecost 2020 Bishop Duncan

Dear Sisters of The Episcopal Community,

As Christians we are always on a holy journey. That journey is sometimes glorious and sometimes not! In that journey we are always traveling on the road of faith and trust in God. For the past 50 days we have followed with the apostles and saints throughout history. We have traveled with them in their desert times and their waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus. Those in that community were first left speechless and then they all spoke so they understood each other.

For us, we believe that we are called by God to share that message (Gospel) with each other and the world. That message is for us to be a witness of the Good News that we are loved by God and that we are not alone. Jesus died for each of us so we might have the fullness of life now and finally into the Kingdom of God.

May God in Christ bless us in the work we do in sharing God’s love and grace. Smile: God loves us all!

Bishop Philip Duncan