Epiphany 2021

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Epiphany 2021

Dear Sisters in Christ,

During this Pandemic I “feel” that time is moving very quickly which is odd; I would have thought I would be experiencing time dragging out and painfully slow. It seem to me that even with time on my hands it is moving rapidly. In an interesting way time to just sit and be and think is appealing to me. In short doses of course! (I am an extrovert!)
We are all on a journey and like the “Wise Men” we move forward in different ways; sometime by returning from where we began. Just as we are told they returned home, but by another way. How do we see our lives changed by this Pandemic? Can we offer to God our time and talents reimagined and renewed? The Wisemen returned home but by a different way.
I believe that it is in life’s journeys of our moving forward and being closer to others that we are also moving closer to God in Jesus. May this Season be for each of us a blessing; Epiphanies through those encounters with others.

In His Holy Name,

Bishop Duncan
National Chaplain

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