Bishop Duncan’s Christmas Letter

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Bishop Duncan’s Christmas Letter

From The Rt. Rev. Philip Duncan, National Chaplain

December 25, 2020

Each year I prepare for Christmas, and each year I try to think back to the Advents before in hoping to make my process more complete and fruitful in the getting ready. Soon that preparation will be in the past, and Christmas will be here, and I know I will have done my best and that is what is important. None of us is perfect, and Christmas is about God sending all of us His own perfection through The Word Made Flesh: His Son Jesus!

I believe we each need to “relax” into the real sense of the Christmas message that God loves us and we are called to love all of God’s creation. Rushing about and trying to get all our expectations fulfilled perfectly is a form of idolatry. It doesn’t work. God is perfect, and I am (we are) not!

This is what the Pandemic continues to show us! It shows the good when many people go out of their way to help others in life giving and life changing ways—people opening their homes and hearts to others and caring for each other, the sacrifices made by hospital staff from cooks and cleaners to the nurses and doctors—ministry that we in the church can learn from and hold up as icons for ourselves and the world. It is that service and self giving for others that is living into “the way, the truth and the life!” 

Many of us carry heavy burdens. This Christmas season we need to acknowledge what that means for ourselves and others. My prayer is to see in this Christmas the way we each go deeper into our faith that others may see the fruits of our labors. May God bless each of us along that Path. 

Faithfully in His Name,
Bishop Philip M. Duncan

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