It is “After All” LIFE! – Easter as the Gift


God has a way of opening hearts and minds, often without our realizing it is happening.  At this moment, I am in New York City and have just finished celebrating a Eucharist for the students at The General Theological Seminary—a blessing for me to do and equally blessed by my hearing a fine sermon from a senior seminarian.  The day before, I was at the Guggenheim Museum walking up the spiral ramped promenade circling the peripheral aspect of the rotunda leading to the top of the structure and the chronological conclusion of the exhibit.   Seeing the show again while walking down the ramp was just as important, spending time taking short interludes along the way in the rooms housing the permanent collections.  I was startled to realize that going in both directions was powerful and meaningful and revealing.  Looking forward and back; looking ahead and behind: perspective of where we are from and where we are headed.


The architect (Frank Lloyd Wright) I believe had this in mind: Form follows Function.


The birth of Jesus and the death of Jesus only makes sense when put into the context of what Easter offers to each of us as we journey. By living our lives in the fullness of what God offers us, we see the hope and glory of God in Jesus and our being included in that by the gift of both birth and death, joys and sorrows, faith and despair, time and space, hope and doubt and then resurrection with the Redeemer of the World, Jesus!  It is “After All” LIFE!


A blessed and glorious Easter to you all as we move through this life in joy of Christmas and the hope of Easter in the Resurrection in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia,


Bishop Duncan