Bishop Duncan’s Easter Message

Easter Sunday this year is the 12th of April.  Lent will be behind us and for most of the world the Coronavirus, COVID-19 has taken center stage.  We are all likely to feel afraid and vulnerable.  Kathy and I have moved into the mode of staying home and going out as little as possible.  A form of “self-isolation.”  We have tried to keep a “Good Lent” and by our usual standards we could not do it.  Churches closed for worship, no special Lenten events and hospitals not open for visitations to the sick.  In most Dioceses churches went online and that was an “anchor” and blessing for many of us.   

Most of us will be unable to attend church worship in our traditional way.  It is a blessing that there will be some broadcast services and that is how Kathy and I will offer our worship.  Each of us can also use the Book of Common Prayer using the service of Morning Prayer with the readings for Easter Day.

This is a “scary” time for many of us. We can feel out of control.  The Easter Message is that in the end our God loves us and that Jesus is the Christ who rose from the tomb and nothing can separate us from that love and life!

May God bless us and keep us in the love of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Alleluia: Christ is Risen!
The Lord is Risen indeed!  Alleluia!

In His grace and love,
+ Bishop Duncan