The Joy of Easter

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The Joy of Easter



Creator Spirit and Giver of life, make the dry, bleached bones of our lives live and breathe and grow again
as you did of old.
Pour out your Spirit upon the whole creation.
Come in rushing wind and flashing fire
to turn the sin and sorrow within us
into faith, power, and delight. Amen.


Dear sisters in Christ Jesus.  Blessed and Holy Easter be with you now and always.

We are in the midst of Holy Week and Palm Sunday has just concluded so we are in that seemingly liminal time of just waiting.  Not so?  Not so!
We are in the thick of it and if we are not engaged in and with the Holy Week Story and Journey we miss an opportunity to be stretched and changed and challenged into deeper growth and relationship with one another and our Lord.  Holy Week is about taking it all in but only a little at a time throughout each of these days.  Too much at one time, like eating a good meal in a few bites, can spoil not only the meal but the fellowship/those gathered about the table.  A good friend while going through Holy Week and Easter with me a number of years ago said, “taking this all in without moderation can make the appropriation of the message sickening.”  I believe he was and is correct.  It is a hard and harsh reality that Jesus undergoes that we might have life and have it more abundantly.
So what about us.  A little each day and throughout each day as we read, and meditate both personally and corporately upon these acts.  Not living into just the pain and sorrow, but in the final outcome, the joy and glory of God’s grace and our new life in that grace.
Holy Week is Holy for us.  Maundy Thursday Good Friday and Holy Saturday are all one with Easter.  The Three Day (Pascal Triduum) are living life as it is lived by Jesus so that we might live into the love of God now/The Kingdom of God.
You are in my prayers for this Most Holy time and may the blessing of Christ Jesus be with us all now and into the Ages of Ages.


The Rt. Rev. Philip Duncan

National Chaplain, The Episcopal Community


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