The Great 50 Days of Easter – A Lectionary 2016

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The Great 50 Days of Easter – A Lectionary 2016


ACTS 2:1-21

The Holy Spirit moves to educate and empower the Christians for ministry.

Question: Have you been open to the Spirits empowerment? How do you minister in Jesus’ Name?

ROMANS 8: 22-27

A message of hope, born of the faith Paul had in God’s plan, for mankind.

Question: Can you also grasp the age old fight humanity continues to experience, during their faith journey?

JOHN 15: 26-27; 16: 4-15

John explains where we receive the power to witness about Jesus.

Question: Are you able to witness about Jesus, in a way that brings others to follow him?



ACTS 1: 15- 17; 21 -26

We hear of Judas’ death and the method of the selection for his replacement among the 12 disciples.

Question: Do you qualify as an apostle, one who witnessed Jesus’ resurrection? If so, what are you to be doing?

1 JOHN 5: 9- 13

A lesson on witnessing to our belief in Jesus and through Him to eternal life.

Question: Does your belief in Jesus come from your faith that Jesus does bring eternal life? Explain why.

JOHN 17: 6-19

John shares Jesus’ prayer for His disciples that He said then, and still does to this day.

Question: Are you as willing to continue Jesus’ ministry as these first disciples were? How will you do that?



ACTS 10: 44 -48

The Holy Spirit, working in concert with the disciples, brought new converts to Jesus.

Question: Did your personal commitment to follow Jesus come with such a show of God’s power? What have you done with your spirit power?

1 JOHN 5: 1-6

John explains to the new Christians how to love as God and Jesus love, which includes all those God created?

Question: Do you bring your understanding of the love of Jesus into your feelings for others? If not, why not?

JOHN 15: 9 -17

Listen to the immeasurable free love that your God shares with you.

Question: How do you live in response to the gift of God’s love? Do you answer God’s call to model His love to the world?




ACTS 8:26-40

In the early church, the disciples experienced continuous opportunities to bring others into the Christian Church.

Question: Do you live your life each day expecting opportunities to bring others to Jesus Christ?


1 JOHN 4: 7-21

How we love God and respond to His love is an eternal circle that continues to nurture our faith life.

Question: What habits have you developed to help you maintain your connection to God and Jesus that allows your ministry to flourish?


JOHN 15: 1-8

In God’s vineyard our personal task as a branch is to stay connected to the source of our nurturing power.

Question: What aids do you use to help you strengthen your connection to God so that you can share with others?




ACTS 4: 5-12

Peter stands before the Sanhedrin with the courage of a true follower of Jesus.

Question: When people question your faith, do you have the courage of Peter? How does that make you feel?


1 JOHN 3: 16-24

John stresses that we can only be known as Christians by how we love Jesus and share that love and caring with others.

Question: How do you love and care for others?


JOHN 10: 11-18

As the shepherd and his sheep live and work together in unity, so does Jesus work in His church in unity with His father.

Question: How do you express the unifying love of Jesus in your life?



ACTS 3: 12-19

Peter sets the tone for all future Christian preachers by stating that all that had been prophesied had come to pass, that Jesus was crucified, but also was raised from the dead.

Question: Do you understand the duty that is yours in response to the events in this lesson?

1 JOHN 3: 1-7

John captures the essence of what it means to be the children of God.

Question: How does it make you feel to be called a child of God? Do you accept the privilege that comes with that name?

LUKE 24: 36-4

Jesus reassures his disciples that He was sent with a task to do, and with its completion, He now has the means to empower them to continue His ministry.

Question: Have you fully accepted your empowerment for Jesus’ ministry? What are you doing to tell His story?


ACTS 4: 32-35
The first Christians moved beyond their personal needs and concerns to begin a ministry of sharing and caring for others.
Question: Does your faith compel you to meet people’s needs in and outside of your faith community? If not, why not?

1 JOHN 1: 1- 2: 2
John’s pastoral insights call the early Christians to a life of fellowship and the joy of a believer.
Question: Does the fellowship in your faith community fill you with joy? If not, what is it you can do to change that?

JOHN 20: 19-31
John shares stories of empowerment and of our dependence on our faith community to enable us to draw strength and faith from Jesus.
Question: Is your relationship with Jesus one that empowers you for ministry? If not, what must you do to change?





ACTS 10: 34-43

This is the first sermon given about Jesus, and it encapsulates His life, death and resurrection.

Question: Can you feel the depth of God’s love for you in the witness of the life and death of Jesus? How does that make you feel?



Paul humbly accepts his duty to share the Gospel of Jesus resurrection with the Jews and the Gentiles.

Question: Paul would expect all of us to carry on sharing the Good News today. Do you share the Gospel with your family and friends


JOHN 20: 1-18

Mary Magdalene, Peter, James and John all came to the tomb, and each left with a personal experience which deepened their faith.

Question: As you celebrate Jesus’ resurrection today, write about your experience at the tomb. Reread it daily this week.

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