Monthly Prayer Cycle

The Episcopal Community Monthly Prayer Cycle   This prayer cycle provides another tool you may use to be in communion with your sisters in The Episcopal Community.  It is not intended to replace any daily prayer practices you already have.  Some types of prayer, such as praise and confession of sin, have not been included as these are usually part of a daily practice.  One day has been dedicated to thanksgiving, but, again, this is probably  already a part of your daily practice.  The page numbers refer to prayers or psalms found in the 1979 edition of The Book of Common Prayer.

Day 1in thanksgiving  58, 101; 836-841

Day 2for the earth and right use of her resources  208, 259

Day 3for peace in the world, the healing of nations, the leaders of nations  57, 69. 99, 207, 258, 815, 816, 840 

Day 4for modern day prophets who speak truth to power and for us that we hear them 827

Day 5for leaders in the United States: national, state, municipal  207, 258, 820-822

Day 6for the unity of the church and the whole of God’s family  818

Day 7for the Anglican dioceses around the world; the Episcopal Church, U.S.A; your province and diocese; the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, and all Bishops  816, 817

Day 8for Episcopal Church  entities, funds, projects; Episcopal Church Women, Episcopal orders, Episcopal Relief and Development, for example  814, 815, 827

Day 9for the needs that the Episcopal Church is meeting throughout the world: the Church in Jerusalem, the Church in Tanzania, for example 206, 816-817

Day 10for your parish, its clergy, staff, lay ministries, and members   817

Day 11for healing in body, mind, and spirit; for the right use of leisure   825, 832

Day 12for our treatment of others in our daily lives   833; Psalm 133, 787

Day 13for children, the hope for a better world; for all who come in contact with them and nurture them   209, 261, 824, 829

Day 14for the aged and infirm  208, 260, 458, 461

Day 15for the homeless and outreach programs for them  Prayer of St. Barnabas , 241

Day 16for programs for the marginalized and unemployed  209, 260, 823, 824, 826

Day 17for the oppressed  826

Day 18for those incarcerated in prisons and jails 826

Day 19for the armed forces at home and abroad and for the victims of war  823

Day 20for the ability to see God and to see the Holy in the people we meet and in all creation  827-828

Day 21for travelers   384, 831, 834

Day 22for people in research to improve our lives  827

Day 23for people who show us God through their creativity, for those in the arts  Psalm 150 , 807808; Psalm 81:1-3, 704

Day 24for the work and service of the members of The Episcopal Community; that members may continue to live into their Baptismal Covenant as they connect, grow, support, and serve  308, 416, 417

Day 25for the leadership of The Episcopal Community   420

Day 26for friends, including sisters in The Episcopal Community  388

Day 27for our families  828, 831

Day 28for people we have lost on whose shoulders we stand—the saints  202, 253

Day 29for guidance in our ministries (individually and as The Episcopal Community)  57, 100, 814, 832

Day 30for our enemies on a world level and for those who annoy us on a personal level  815, 816, 837

Day 31for grace for ourselves and for others  57, 100, 832-833