Pentecost – A Lectionary

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Pentecost – A Lectionary


Reign of Christ – Proper 29 – November 23, 2014


EZEKIEL 34: 11-16; 20-27

A judgment on the leaders who have caused the destruction of Jerusalem. A time of uncaring greed and crudity endured by God’s people.

Question: Are there groups of people today being treated in a similar manner? What can you do to help?


EPHESIANS 1: 15-23

The church that Jesus created is marked with certain standards of behavior, daily life style and future growth based on Jesus’ hope.

Question: What role do you play in supporting this church that Jesus gave his life to provide for us?


MATTHEW 25: 31-46

Jesus gives us the formula for living the life he has provided for those who love and follow him.

Question: It is clear that we are to do our part in bearing the responsibility of caring for the needy. How will you do your part?



EZEKIEL 34: 11-16; 20-27

A judgment on the leaders who have caused the destruction of Jerusalem. A time of uncaring greed and crudity endured by God’s people.

Question: Are there groups of people today being treated in a similar manner? What can you do to help them?

EPHESIANS 1: 15-23

The church that Jesus created is marked with certain standards of behavior, daily life style and future growth based on Jesus’ hope.

Question: What role do you play in supporting this church that Jesus gave his life to provide for us?

MATTHEW 25: 31-46

Jesus gives us the formula for living the life he has provided for those who love and follow him.

Question: It is clear that we are to do our part in bearing the responsibility of caring for the needy. How will you do your part?



JUDGES 4: 1-7

The continuing saga of the Israelites being used as a pawn between kingdoms. Deborah, prophetess and judge, offers them help in their struggle to survive.

Question: Do you identify in any way with their struggle? What would you do differently?


The people of God are challenged to be alert and prepared for the Second Coming of Christ.

Question: What are you doing to be prepared lest you miss Jesus when He comes?

MATTHEW 25: 14-30

The parable of the Talents reminds us that we all are responsible to use the gifts God endows us with to the fullest for his work.

Question: Do you know what your gift or gifts are? How can you best use them?



JOSHUA 24: 1-3; 14-25

A lesson on God’s unending love and care for His people and how they should await his second coming.

Question: From your personal relationship with God, are you able to understand His directives and obey his laws? How do you do this?


Paul struggles to be able to reach these new Christians and help them to not just maintain their new faith but also to be able to mature in their Christian journey.

Question: Where are you on your faith journey, and how are you nurturing your understanding of Jesus’ call to you?

MATTHEW 25: 1-13

Jesus helps us see that we must constantly be prepared for God to intervene in our daily life and call us to follow Him.

Question: Do you understand this need to be prepared for God? How do you keep alert to God’s summons and your need to hear His voice?


Deuteronomy 34: 1-12

One of God’s premier prophets dies and another steps right in and takes on the mantle left by Moses.

Question: Will you be ready and willing if God passes someone’s leadership work on to you? How will you prepare for that?


Even Paul had those who tried to ruin his reputation with untruths and by questioning his motives.

Question: How would you respond if people questioned your faith life? How prepared are you to defend your faith?

MATTHEW 22: 34-46

Reminding them of their Jewish heritage, Jesus clarifies who the Messiah is.  He is none other than The Son of God, who comes from the family of David.

Question: Do you see once again the importance of names in scripture? Names tell the story. What is your name’s story?


EXODUS 33: 12 -23

Moses has absolute trust that God will always empower him to help him succeed in anything God asks of him.

Question: Do you trust God to help you as he did Moses? How can you learn to trust God?


Paul shares his deep belief in the need to always be connected to Jesus and His love to do His work on earth.

Question: Do you understand that it is through that connection that you receive the empowerment for ministry? How do you maintain that connection?

MATTHEW 22: 15-22

The Pharisees conspire to trap Jesus; however, He outwits them.

Question: Do you know and live as one with dual citizenship? How do you feel about that?


EXODUS 32: 1-14

Moses is on the mountain; the people wait below and lose their faith in Moses and need someone to lead them.

Question: Is your faith dependent on clergy, or do you have a personal relationship with God? Explain


Due to Paul’s deep and abiding love of Jesus, he shares his joy in having brought so many others to Jesus.

Question: Do you love Jesus enough to want others to share in that love too? Have you brought someone to Jesus? If not, will you?

MATTHEW 22: 1-14

Jesus sets this lesson in the framework of a wedding. He tells of those invited and those who have excuses and thus never receive their gift from God.

Question: Have you accepted your invitation from God? How are you using your gift?


EXODUS 20: 1-4, 7-9, 12-20

The Ten Commandments help nurture our relationships with our God and our fellowman.

Question: How do these 10 rules influence your daily life?


Paul witnesses that his Jewish beliefs never helped create a relationship with God; it was only after he came to know Jesus that he then found God.

Question: How did you come to find Jesus? How do you nurture that relationship?

MATTHEW 21: 33-46

A lesson in trust, patience and judgement, as well as truth, freedom, accountability and sacrifice.

Question: Do these words fit your faith journey with God and Jesus? Explain how.


EXODUS 12: 1-14     

A story of the salvation of the people of Israel by their obedience in following a ritual celebration prescribed by God.

Question: What ritual celebrations does your family follow each year? Do they nurture your faith life?

ROMANS 13:8-14

The debt we owe above all else is to love our fellowman and to learn to live with our heart and eyes always upon Jesus.

Question: Do you love all others as you love yourself? How do you ensure your faithfulness?

MATTHEW 18:15-20

Jesus tells us to repair our broken relationships quickly and to continually nurture our faith within our communities.

Question: Do you meet with a small group to pray and nurture your relationship with Jesus?



Exodus 3: 1-15

God uses the symbol of the burning bush to get Moses’ attention, so he can be his messenger to Pharaoh and be able to free the Israelites from Egypt.

Question: Would you like to be a messenger for God? Explain why or why not?

Romans 12: 9-21

This is Paul’s description of how the Christian life is to be lived within a community.

Question: Have you learned to live successfully within a Christian Community following Paul’s prescription. Explain how you accomplished this and was it worth it.

Matthew 16: 21-28

Right up nearly to the end of Jesus’ life, the people still did not understand that His life must end on the cross, as the ultimate price for everyone’s salvation.

Question: Are you able to separate your human feelings from the divine relationship with Jesus? Explain how you accomplish that difficult task?



Exodus 1: 8 – 2: 10

A story of God’s intervention in the growth and salvation of the Jewish nation, as well as the protection of His faithful servant Moses.

Question: Have you ever experienced God’s intervention in your life? What did He do?

Romans 12: 1 – 8

Paul reminds us that it takes all of our body, soul and spirit made available to Jesus to insure the full use of His gifts invested in us for ministry to work.

Question: Which gift or gifts to you know you have received from Jesus for ministry? List them and how you have used them?

Matthew 16: 13 – 20

As the end draws near for Jesus, he needs to know if any of His disciples really know who He is, so He asks them: “Who am I?”

Question;: If Jesus asked you “Who am I?” would you be able to answer him from your heart? Why do you know who he is?



Genesis 45: 1-1

This story of Joseph is a clear picture of God’s loving hand quietly providing the necessary care for His children.

Question: Have you seen God’s care like this in your life?

Share the story.

Romans 11: 1-2a; 29-32

Though our human nature may question if God does love us, the reality is God is always for us, and His love sustains us.

Question: When was the first time you were certain of God’s loving care for you? Describe how you knew for sure.

Matthew 15: (10-20) 21-28

Jesus explains that God deals with what we believe in our hearts, and not always our outward actions.

Question: Do your actions speak of what you believe in your heart? Explain



Genesis 37: 1-4; 12-28

A story of sibling rivalry, gossip, jealousy and envy that cause Joseph’s brothers to plot against him.

Question: Have you ever been caught in such a deceitful plot? Explain what you learned from the experience?

Romans 10: 5-15

Paul explains that Jesus came to free the Jews from the bondage of legalism, so that they are now able to accept God’s free gift of grace.

Question: Do you understand the benefit of leaving the Jewish law to live under God’s grace? Explain

Matthew 14: 22-33

A reading that shows us the secret to a successful life by following the method Jesus chose for living each day.

Question: Will you choose to use this method of connecting to Jesus in your life? How will you accomplish this?



Genesis 32: 22-31

A desperate Jacob representing the Jewish people struggles to receive God’s blessing, without accepting God’s terms.

Question: Have you fully committed your life to God? Do you feel you have received God’s blessing?

Romans 9: 1-5

Paul, the former Rabbi, tries to understand why when the Jewish people had it all as a gift from God, they rejected Jesus.

Question: Do you understand that a “lukewarm” Christian is the same as the Jew that brought such sorrow to Paul? Why is that?

Matthew 14: 13-21

John has died and Jesus needs a quiet time away; however, Jesus takes the time to heal the sick and feed the hungry, before meeting his own needs.

Question: Are you willing to sacrifice your needs to be Jesus to those in need? Describe how you do this?



Genesis 28: 10 -19a

The story of Jacob’s personal encounter with God despite his life filled with deceitful actions.

Question: Have you ever bargained with God? How did that work for you?

Romans 8: 12- 25

As Christians, we are the adopted children of God; therefore, we are never without hope.

Question: What does being adopted into God’s family mean to you? List the benefits you see for your life

Matthew 13: 24 – 30; 36 – 43

A lesson which tells us to beware for good is most always entwined with evil, but know that God will separate them at judgment time.

Question: Are you vigilant in your spiritual life? How do you keep the tares in your life under control?



Genesis 25: 19-34

A flawed marriage produces twins that live in constant conflict.

Question: Can you understand any of the deep problems faced by the parents and twins in this story? Have you faced any of the same trials in your own family relationships?

Romans 8: 1-11

Paul explains the ability to rise above our human nature by applying the power of the Holy Spirit to our lives.

Question: Have you accessed the Spirit to help you resist sin? How did that work for you?

Matthew 13: 1-9; 18-23

A parable about soil and seeds and how people process what they have learned about God.

Question: Do you understand the connection between the soil and the seeds? Explain it.

Genesis 24: 34-38; 42-49; 58-67


God’s process of assuring success in the continuation of the genealogy of His people appears to be in the hands of the matchmakers!
Question: Which do you think is better:  the method of marriage in Genesis or today’s? Explain your answer.


Romans 7: 15-25


We receive a glimpse of Paul’s human struggle with life in this reading.
Question: Have you see this process in your life or in someone’s you are close to? How do you respond to it?


Matthew 11: 16-19; 25-30
Though Jesus tells us we are not to judge, our human nature often seems powerless to avoid that temptation.
Question: How have you made the choice to turn from judging to loving?


Genesis 22: 1-14 

God tests the potential leaders he has chosen before giving them an assignment.

Question: When God has tested you were you willing to sacrifice for God? How did that test look?

Romans 6: 12-23

Paul explains that Christianity is a decision that calls us to actively serve Jesus in a life of ministry.

Question: What is your personal ministry? 

Matthew 10: 40-42

If we receive anyone as a sincere Christian it is the same as receiving Jesus.

Question: Have you bet your faith life on the person Jesus has placed in your life as a witness? Are you that kind of witness for anyone?


Genesis 21:8:21

God poured forth the gift of grace upon Abraham as a result of Abraham’s continued belief and obedience.

Question: Have you begun to trust and obey God in all your life circumstances? How is that working in your daily life?

Romans 6: 1-11

God tests our faith to see how sincere we are as active Christians.

Question: How successful are you in making healthy choices as you face temptations?

Matthew 10: 24-39

Matthew helps us see the cost that comes with being a disciple of Jesus.

Question: Think of a recent time when you made a choice for Jesus that exacted a price from you? Share how that felt.


Trinity Sunday                         

GENESIS 1:1-2:4a

Listen carefully to this detailed account of how God created the world and everything and everyone in it.

Question: Do you believe this story? Do you “own it” enough to be able to convince other to believe it? How?

 2 CORINTHIANS 13:11-13

Paul who has worked so long and hard for his Lord, Jesus, completes his work leaving the followers with hope and a blessing for their ministry.

Question: Can Paul count on you to take up where he has left off? If you answer no, explain why.

MATTHEW 28:16-20

This lesson concludes Matthew’s gospel and holds Jesus final words to his followers.

Question: Can you adapt your work for Jesus’ finals words of empowerment and assurance of continual presence?



NUMBERS 11:24-30

God is able to use Moses’ faithfulness to teach others about obedience and trustfulness.

Question: Do you see that God can accomplish great ministry through ordinary people who accept their call to serve? Are you as willing as Moses?


True belief in Jesus allows the Holy Spirit to empower us with the gifts we need to do ministry.

Question: Do you tap into the spiritual gifts you received at confirmation? How have these gifts benefited others?

JOHN 20:19-23

John defines the job Jesus left for his followers as they began to expand the ministry he left for them and for us.

Question: Have you dared to test the waters of faith to find your God given ministry? How has the Holy Spirit empowered you?

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