Barbara Harris

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Barbara Harris

During the General Convention of 2012 I read an article about The Episcopal Community and how they provided a garden like area for prayer and reflection. It was my introduction to the work that the Community was doing in the world. I Googled and read and reflected and then applied. I felt it was what God was calling me to do. I was already a Daughter of the King and the Community brought full circle the vows I had already taken of prayer and service. The Community was calling me to live out my Baptismal Vows in a way that breathed new life into them.

My journey began in August of the same year and with the sure guidance of my mentor Lamona Lucas I began study with St. Benedict’s Toolbox. Throughout the study I was able to look deeply into my life and spirituality and put into words many deep feelings that I had not been able to verbalize before. I began to apply the principles learned and began to realize a deeper knowledge of God and myself. Having a mentor not readily known to me was such a gift in that I could fully open up to her and relate my true self.

As the date of my Admission service approached, I was contacted by phone and email and Facebook by sisters in the Community sharing their prayers for my admission. I received flowers and such an outpouring of love that, on the day of my Admission, the air in the church was heavy with the mighty cloud of witnesses, all those who through prayer were with me in Spirit. I knew then that this was what I was supposed to do and I knew I was where I needed to be. I will not soon forget the uplifting experience as I took my vows and I am humbled to be in the company of women of such strong faith. I look forward to new growth and service as I share my life in this blessed community.

MACOF (Marked as Christ’s Own For Ever)
Barbara Harris

Barbara was installed as a member of The Episcopal Community at St Mark’s Episcopal Church, Upland, CA.

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