Merry Keyser

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Merry Keyser

Merry Keyser retired from her Federal government career in 2004 and, together with her husband, embarked on an intentional “giving back” career as a volunteer for our professional society – the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Our IEEE volunteer work takes us around the world organizing conferences and although we initially agreed to do this for ten years, we are still going strong and expect to continue for a few more years.

Also, starting in 2004 I agreed to accept a Diocesan leadership role and has been serving as the Assistant Treasurer for the Diocese of East Tennessee. Due to conflict of Interest concerns I have not served on the Vestry or the Search committee for my own parish for many years but I do make myself available as a resource from time to time. I really enjoy serving my parish as a Worship Leader, enthusiastic member of the Altar Guild, and facilitator for many small groups.

My interest in Benedictine spirituality was fostered by my EFM mentor back in 1995 and we were both founding members of the East Tennessee Benedictine Study Group. Sadly, we no longer meet. During one of my IEEE volunteer activities for a conference in Rome I was fortunate to take a day off to travel to the abbey of Monte Cassino. I would encourage anyone who is considering making that trip to go ahead and make that effort. It is so worth the experience. Much of what I learned there has formed the basis for the content for study groups that I have facilitated in my parish in recent years.

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