Holy Week 2016 – Lectionary

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Holy Week 2016 – Lectionary


ISAIAH 50: 4-9

The prophet receives his assignment from God every morning, which he dutifully teaches to God’s people.

Question: What have God’s prophets taught you? Are you willing to trust them?


Paul calls us to a life of humility in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Question: Have you committed yourself to a life of humble service to Jesus and His Kingdom? How do you serve Him?

LUKE 23:1-49

The hour has come and Jesus faces what he was born to experience.

Question: Where are you in this crowd of people? What will you do  to change the outcome of this day?


Isaiah 43:16-21

“Trust in God brings the past alive, gives the present meaning, and the future hope.” “Do we really want our faith to be so mundane as to be entirely predictable? Or do we want our God to do surprising things, things that we couldn’t even begin to imagine, things that ‘no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived’ (1 Cor. 2:9)?”

Philippians 3:4b-14

Without throwing away his own religion Paul, nevertheless, throws away a theology which had made him important and given him great status. In its place he embraces Christ and Christ’s way.

What does it mean to know Christ? What social holiness will come from your knowing the power of Christ’s resurrection?

John 12:1-8

It seems Martha was a person of some figure, from the great respect which was paid to her and her sister, in visits and condolences on Lazarus’s death, as well as from the costly ointment mentioned in the next verse. And probably it was at their house our Lord and his disciples lodged, when he returned from Jerusalem to Bethany, every evening of the last week of his life, upon which he was now entered

Have you ever seen or experienced someone physically caring for a loved one in preparation for that dying person’s death?


JOSHUA 5: 9-12
A story of forgiveness and restoration for God’s people.
Question: Has there been a time in your life when God has withheld something from your daily life? How did you feel when it was restored?

2 CORINTHIANS 5: 16-21
Paul’s is concerned that the people he has come to teach believe that his honesty is valid. It is always imperative that a leader lives above reproach.
Question: As a Christian do you see how important it is to live an exemplary life? How do you accomplish that?

LUKE 15: 1-3, 11-32
The story of the Prodigal Son contains judgment, jealousy, forgiveness and unquestionable love.
Question: As we journey toward Christian maturity, do you see how easy it is to become ensnared in questionable behavior? Which ones have caught you? What did you learn from these experiences?



EXODUS 3: 1-25
God intervenes in Moses life, giving him a task that will test his faith and love of God.
Question: Has God ever asked the seemingly impossible of you, to test your faith in Him? How did you respond?

1 Corinthians 10: 1-13
Paul teaches from experience the importance of understanding and using our knowledge of God’s love and empowerment for His people.
Question: Are you able to apply your knowledge of God in your daily life? How do you do this?

LUKE 13: 1-9
Luke’s teaching is about nations whose people rebel against God, and thus invite disaster by their choice.
Question: Are you able to apply this teaching to your life today? What can you do to help others make a positive change?


GENESIS 15: 1-12, 17-18
In spite of the visions God shared with Moses and Moses’ experience of faith in God’s promises, Moses is skeptical.
Question: Have you ever felt like Moses? How did you overcome it?

PHILIPPIANS 3: 17-4: 1
Paul holds before us an ideal of how the Christian is to embrace his Christian life.
Question: Is your faith life strong enough to apply Paul’s words to your daily life? If not, what must you do to accomplish that?LUKE 13: 31-35
Jesus’ unconditional love is seen in the tender way He encourages his followers.
Question: Are you able to apply Jesus’ behavior in your own life? Toward the people you know, whether you like them or not?



Our response to the generosity of God’s gifts is taught in this lesson.

Question: Do you freely give back to God from his gifts to you in ministry? What is it you do?

ROMANS 10: 8-13

Paul shares the theology from which the first Christian creeds were established. To know Jesus the Christ in a personal manner was and is a necessity.

Question: Is knowledge of Jesus born of your lips or your heart? How does your life reflect this belief?

LUKE 4: 1-13

Jesus is tempted by Satan. Look closely at how Jesus responds to each question. Never does Jesus compromise His call by God.

Question: Think of a time you were confronted with a choice like Jesus was. Did you maintain your integrity or did you fail?

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