From Our National President

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From Our National President

Light looked down and beheld darkness.
“Thither will I go,” said Light
Peace looked down and beheld war.
“Thither will I go,” said Peace
Love looked down and beheld Hatred.
“Thither will I go,” said Love
So came Light, and shone
So came Peace and gave rest.
So came Love and brought Life
And the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us.

Dear Sisters,

This season invites each of us on a journey …from self interest to love, from anger to peace, from despair to hope.

Christ’s birth stirs us, moves us out of the known, and out of our comfort zone. I believe this little baby comes to challenge me, especially at time, with an invitation to honor the darkness and light, for in both I find the Divine, reaching out to me in Light, Peace, and Love. And as I gaze into the early dawn on Christmas day may I give back to this tired world and its people, the gifts of Light, Peace, and Love.

What greater gift can we receive and then pass on?
May you be blessed
Which is peace,
Which is hope
Which is love,

Patti Joy Posan
National President

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