Easter (C) 2019

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Easter (C) 2019

One of the wonderful joys of Easter is that it is a Season: 50 days to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Christ’s victory over the power of sin, evil and death.
We celebrate those seven Sundays during which the early Church commemorated/remembered together in community what took place following Jesus’s death and burial. Christ was experienced physically by those who knew Him. There is a power in those stories and there is hope and joy.

Every year we share those stories (that Central Story in/of our faith) with each other and the world. We can only tell the stories faithfully by using the source materials we have, that is by the various Biblical accounts and the early Church’s understanding of what took place—their struggle and their eyes being opened and coming to faith: “My Lord and My God!”

We cannot coerce others into faith or believing. We are called to authenticity and to support those who struggle with their faith. We are called to listen to all those who are searching and be with them in their journey. If you will, “Be a companion along the Way!” As we also continue to grow and learn in our faith and understanding, may the Risen Lord be with us all.

Alleluia: Christ is Risen!
The Lord is Risen indeed: Alleluia!

Bishop Philip M. Duncan, II
Chaplain of The Episcopal Community

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