Blessings to you this Pentecost

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Blessings to you this Pentecost


Sisters in Christ,    

We come into the Season of Pentecost full speed ahead. The Easter Season is behind us and we now move into what some refer to as “ordinary time” which will guide us all the way to the Season of Advent. It is a rich time of listening and hearing the Gospel proclamation with and from “regular people” and how they are transformed by their faith in the Risen Christ. These Gospels are to help us, to assist us with how the early Church understood “The Salvation Story.” They help us as community to go deeper into what this meant to and for them. It also assists us with taking the time to understand where God may be calling each one of us individually (and the Episcopal Community corporately). As we all know it is about our being and our doing; about our faith and our practice. May each of us find in our lives the calm and the excitement of growing and going deeper in our faith. Blessing to each of you.

The poem that follows is an offering on what we are all called to do in the name of Jesus. 
I am,
+ Bishop Duncan

(Philip M. Duncan, II)
Our souls are of the Universe,
Our minds are bound to Earth,
The heavens our playground;
Our God gave us our birth.
We do care that mortals stand
and look across the seas,
For how our lives go by isn’t sad,
and our loves are eternities.
So listen to that voice my friends
and be you of good cheer;
For He who gave is life for us,
will soon again be here.
Go forth and spread His Word to all,
And form your life by His Grace;
Go forth and live as He did live,
Jesus died to give us that Place.

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