History of The Episcopal Community

The summer of 2009, a group of Episcopal Women with a vision for a nonresidential avowed life, joined together to begin making their vision a reality. Realizing their Episcopal heritage sprang from The Benedictine Rule and was enhanced by the Baptismal Covenant, they began to create a Rule of Life and a format for a life formed by the Rule and Covenant, and structured for systematic annual accountability.

They chose Jane Tomaine’s book, “St Benedict’s Tool Box” as their preparatory study, crafting a study guide to help guide future members along their journey, with the aid of a personal mentor. In February 2010, The Episcopal Community was incorporated. Officers elected, a National Chaplain appointed as well as a National Spiritual Advisor. With these positions in place, their request to be recognized by the Presiding Bishop was granted. The journey was begun and continues to gather others into this nurturing life discipline.