"The Episcopal Community"

Marked As Christ's Own For Ever



The summer of 2009, a group of Episcopal Women with a vision for a non residential avowed life, joined together to begin making their vision a reality. Realizing their Episcopal heritage sprang from The Benedictine Rule and was enhanced by the Baptismal Covenant, they began to create a Rule of Life and a format for a life formed by the Rule and Covenant, and structured for systematic annual accountability.

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Spiritual Formation

COL 2010 worship

Spiritual Formation is the process of allowing our spirits to be transformed into the character of Christ through God’s grace and the working of the Holy Spirit. While we cannot by our own will power conform our spirits to Christ’s, we can make intentional choices that help us to open ourselves to this process.

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The Episcopal Community is a group of Episcopal women who are committed to living out our baptismal covenants. Using the Rule of St. Benedict as a guide, we nurture and support each other as we walk our spiritual journeys. We are a welcoming, loving fellowship which offers Episcopal women a unique opportunity for personal spiritual growth while serving our church and all of God’s people.

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